Information about Canine Chic of London

Returns: All PugPendants are bespoke to the customer's specific requirements and therefore non-returnable (If a customer chooses just the pendant and not the personalised engraving, there is a 14-day returns policy, providing the Pendant has not been worn)

Payment is made in full, online at the checkout. Free Worldwide shipping in included in the retail price.

Customers are asked to double check that the text for engraving is 100% accurate before payment as unfortunately, mistakes are held at the customers own risk. Please note that customers have 24 hours to rectify any mistakes or make amendments.

Each pendant is mirror polished on the front unless specified otherwise (for example, there may be a matt finish option) 

Please phone 07815310969 or email

Shipping: Free trackable delivery in the U.K and to the rest of the world.

Order time: All PugPendants are made to order to the customer's personal specification. Whilst we will always endeavour to make and send out your pendant/s within 7 days of your order having been accepted, due to the bespoke nature of the pieces and the current demand at any given time, this lead time could be up to 4 weeks. You will be informed at the point of purchase as to when you can expect delivery. Any queries please email at

Express service for priority Orders: If time is of the essence (for example a birthday or anniversary) please let us know at point of sale and we will prioritise your order for an additional £20.00

Packaging: Your pendant comes in an elegant grey box with PugPendant's logo on the top. They are available as a single pendant, double pendant (owner and dog, matching or a selection of your choice) and a presentation box of 4 or 7 pendants - one for every day of the week!

Single PugPendant identity disc for luxury Dogs from Canine Chic of London

Double PugPendant identity disc for luxury Dogs from Canine Chic of London

PugPendant Presentation box from Canine Chic of London


Care and Safety.

Canine Chic of London will not be held liable for any damages incurred after the receipt of their products. To ensure that your Canine Chic of London product remains in the best possible condition over an extended period of time, please observe the advice below to avoid damage:

  • All PugPendants are guaranteed against crystal loss for 1 year and with care will last a lifetime. However, if any of the crystals come loose or fall out of the PugPendant, please email us and we will arrange to replace the crystal.
  • All our work is handmade to last and will withstand the day to day effects of a dog's normal lifestyle, however, these are high-quality party pendants and should be treated with care. As with all jewellery (Human or Canine) strenuous activity, such as running, playing and any hard knocks could damage the appearance and will shorten the pendants lifetime.
  • Avoid contact with water in general. Remove the PugPendant before washing your dog or him swimming, as this could harm the metal and reduce the life of the plating, as well as cause discoloration and loss of crystal brilliance.
  • Avoid hard contact (i.e: knocking against objects) that can scratch or chip the crystal.
  • Polish with soft cloth to wipe off any greasy marks and to maintain the shiny surface. Please do not use any abrasive cloths or cleaning products.
  • Finally, PugPendants are functional, identity discs and ideal for occasional wear. They are not TOYS! Please do not let your dog ever play or chew the pendant.