Introducing Canine Chic of London and PugPendants.

Creative Director of Canine Chic of London Sarah Eyton

Creative Director of Canine Chic of London,Sarah Eyton and a friend, Missy.


''You don't have to be a Pug, to wear a PugPendant''   Marcel LeCorgicelebrated (French) Corgi, living the high life in London town.

Canine Chic of London presents PugPendants®.
Designed and made by Sarah Eyton in London. This new range of dog accessories is an extension of her line of jewellery and fashion accessories available through
Sarah describes how the idea for the dog related venture came about;
''As a jewellery designer, I'm often asked if I can work to varying types of commission. One particular inquiry was cropping up more and more frequently; This was not the usual ring or necklace request -  in fact, these customers weren't thinking of their own personal requirements, or their husbands or wives'...In a relativity short span of time, I had been asked by several clients if I could design and make unique personalised identity discs for their dogs' collars. They were asking because they had searched everywhere for beautiful and stylish ID discs to adorn their loved ones’ necks but the search for them had not been fruitful. One particular client had become deeply frustrated by the lack of choice on offer; She herself wore all the latest fashions with a stylish mix of designer and vintage clothes and accessories and she very much wanted her dog to be a sartorial match;  
''My dog is like my child, I want to treat her like a Princess, with regular grooming and beautiful collars, coats and identity pendants. I want her to look as fabulous as possible!''  

As it is mandatory in the U.K to wear some form of identification my client figured that if her dog was obliged to wear a collar and an identity disc whilst in a public space, she wanted those things to be as amazing as they could be, a real style statement''.

Sarah continued working on the theme in a fairly quiet and private way whilst still designing for her own jewellery brand, however, it seemed that there was indeed a growing market for her dog pendants that required more of her attention and so Canine Chic of London was born.
PugPendants are the initial hero product and the plan is to roll out more luxury dog related products in the near future.
''People ask, why call them Pug pendants? The first request I ever had was from a Pug owner and it kind of I just think it's a really sweet name and 'You don't have to be a Pug to wear a PugPendant' has become a catchphrase of is own''
These luxury customised identity discs are practical with a high aesthetic value. They especially appeal to a growing market of discerning and quality loving dog owners, their family and friends.
Each piece is made exclusively to order, with the customer's choosing either 24k yellow or rose gold plate and crystal colour choice.
The personalised details are engraved on the back of each disc and are shipped Worldwide, all of which is inclusive in the price. 
Gaining increasing media attention and Celebrity devotees, PugPendants® are now adorning the collars of a handful of dogs who have achieved a certain amount of fame through social media: Marcel LeCorgi, Miss Marple Doxie,  Monty the Frenchie and Coco the Frenchie to name a few. They are also being proudly worn, in increasing numbers, by other equally worthy canines.