Canine Chic of London and our Super models.

Pre-launch and beyond excited. So far, we've found the whole process a joy; Embarking on a project that encompasses so many levels has been scary, a massive learning curve and ultimately, total fun. 

The mission; to create new and exciting luxury products for luxury dogs (and occasionally their Humans) Exclusive pieces that would appeal to a growing market of discerning dog owners who are seeking something uniquely different and are happy to have their Canines set trends, rather than follow them.

From designing the products, website, packaging and the brand identity, to the making, manufacture and the realisation of the whole concept, has been thoroughly challenging. Striving for quality, originality and innovation has always been the ultimate goal with Canine Chic of London.

It is at this stage, that we would like to pay homage and introduce you to our SUPER models who are making the visual content of this new, luxury dog accessories company, so popular and possible. They are a collection of beautiful, talented canines and they are also celebrities in their own right in the ever-growing world of social media. At the time of writing, our four main models have over 110,000 followers on social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter.

It was the comedian WC Fields who famously quipped ''Never work with children or animals'' and this was something that we at Canine Chic of London, were not going to be able to avoid in the near future.

His words were ringing in my ears as we undertook our first important and imperative photographic session. It was with Miss Marple, the celebrated miniature dachshund but our fears were entirely without merit. Dog Daughter of the artist printmaker Sam Marshall, this miniature Doxie has a lot of experience. With over 10,000 loyal followers on Instagram, she's more than familiar with the lens side of a camera. Miss Marple miniature Dachshund models for Canine Chic of London

We first met Miss Marple through the art world (We are actually pretty arty here at Canine Chic of London HQ). Sam is a well known printmaker and tutor at the Royal Drawing School and she's often seen out and about attending the top Art Private views, accompanied by the glorious little bundle that is Miss Marple (it has to be said that the mini dachshund often receives equally, if not slightly more attention than the art on show!)

Here's a sample from Sam's latest collection of prints, 'Anteater and Whippet' a  2 colour block linocut | 20cm x 30cm.

Sam Marshall print

Miss Marple showing off her StarSign PugPendant below. As an added bonus, each one comes with a personalised little scroll, explaining the identity traits of that particular star sign.

Miss Marple Doxie wears a Starsign PugPendant from Canine Chic of London

She can't decide which PugPendant she likes best, this one below is an 'Oracle' with soft aqua and pink Swarovski crystals - looks like she'll have to take both ;-)

Miss Marple Doxie wears an Oracle PugPendant from Canine Chic of London

So there we have the low down on our first super Model for Canine Chic. There will be plenty more to come, so please follow us for further updates and of course log onto to Instagram to find out what Miss Marple's latest exploits are, she's guaranteed to put a smile on your face :-)

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