PugPendants®Luxury identity discs for dogs(and occasionally their humans)

''You don't have to be a Pug, to wear a PugPendant''

PugPendants®Luxury identity discs for dogs(and occasionally their humans)

Red Carpet ready
I'm Miss Marple, I'm very small and I love shopping. Especially for new PugPendants.

Engraved and adorned with Swarovski crystals.

I'm Miss Marple, I'm very small and I love shopping. Especially for new PugPendants.

I adore my PugPendant!

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Miss Marple Doxie wears a Starsign PugPendant, luxury for Dogs from Canine Chic of London

Miss Marple the miniature Dachshund wears a Starsign PugPendant.
It's Sagittarius because she's born in October.


Coco the Frenchie wears a Starburst PugPendant, luxury for Dogs by Canine Chic of London

                   Coco the Frenchie wears a Starburst PugPendant.

 Marcel LeCorgi, Coco the Frenchie, Miss Marple the Doxie and Monty the Frenchie prove that ''You don't have to be a Pug, to wear a pug PendantPug''

PugPendants™ are luxury bespoke identity pendants for dogs, exclusively available through online retailers, Canine Chic of London.  

These ID discs, embedded with genuine cut glass Swarovski crystals, are party pendants fit for the red carpet, made for dogs (and their humans) who like to stand out from the crowd. 

Stunningly elegant, gold plated and adorned with genuine Swarovski  crystals, these pendants will enhance even the most beautiful dog’s neck. 

Beautiful and stylish, the pendants are suitable for any occasion, especially the more salubrious and glittery ones. They are not only an aesthetic adornment to your dog but an essential one, as they are also engraved with legally required information should your dog ever go missing.*

These luxury customised identity discs are practical with a high aesthetic value. They especially appeal to a growing market of discerning and quality loving dog owners, their family and friends. Each piece is made exclusively to order, with the customer choosing either 24k yellow or rose gold plate and crystal colour choice, the personalised details are engraved on the back of each disc which is all inclusive in the price. 
Gaining increasing press attention, PugPendants™ are now adorning the collars of a handful of dogs who have achieved a certain amount of fame through social media. They are also being proudly worn, in increasing numbers, by other equally worthy canines.


Matching dog and owner pendants are proving a popular choice and come in a beautiful double PugPendant™ presentation box. Even more exclusive is the 'Pendant for every day of the week box', a presentation box with your choice of four or seven different designs. A unique, top of the range gift for your dog, yourself or a loved one and their dog.


Single PugPendant luxury for Dogs from Canine Chic of LondonDouble PugPendant box. Luxury identity discs from Canine Chic of London

7 PugPendants for luxury Dogs 1 for every day of the week

PugPendants. Luxury identity discs fro Canine Chic of London

All pieces are designed and handmade in London by Sarah Eyton in collaboration with Canine Chic of London. Beautifully packaged, they come with your choice of personal information engraved and with free international postage.

*Please note that in the UK, under The control of Dogs Order 1992 it is a legal requirement for your dog's pet tag to include the surname and address (Ideally the door number and postcode) of the owner and also the microchip number and from April 2016 it became a legal requirement for ALL dogs to be microchipped. The law states that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag. Your telephone number is optional.

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